In our hospital critical care services are spread over a number of intensive care units (ICUs) that are dedicated to providing compassionate intensive care to seriously ill patients. The well-staffed ICUs are located on Level 5 at Synergy Plus Hospital, Agra, where specially trained ICU staff ensures that all patients get the best medical care in a comfortable and cordial environment.

All ICUs are well-equipped with the most advanced technologies to treat patients suffering from a dysfunction of vital organs caused by acute conditions like infections, heart attack, stroke, renal failure, trauma, poisoning, drug overdose, and burns.

  • The unit is equipped with advanced equipment such as modern ventilators and multichannel monitors and includes invasive and non-invasive pressure monitoring besides basic vital parameters. Ventilators can carry out invasive and non-invasive ventilation in critically ill patient.
  • The unit is managed round the clock by dedicated and skilled nurses, doctors These personnel work in close association and under proper guidance of the consultant pediatric in-charge.
  • Senior members of staff counsel parents/relatives of critically ill patient about their condition, likely outcome, long-term prognosis etc. which helps in maintaining transparency.
  • ICU have faculty of bed side ECO Ultrasound, Lung Ultrasound FAST and EFAST and also radio bronchoscopy


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