At Synergy Plus Hospital Institute of Cardiology and Cardiothoracic Surgery brings together renowned experts and state-of-the-art technology to provide comprehensive programmes for prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of all types of heart conditions and diseases.

Our team of experienced Cardio-thoracic surgeons, Cardiac Anaesthetists, Physicians, radiologists and trained nurses & technical staff ensure in-depth analysis of patient’s condition to provide appropriate treatment and recovery plan for long-term healing. We offer latest innovations in Cardiac Care and Clinical Therapies to patients of all ages. Our experts and specialists provide more than just advanced treatments for heart attacks and heart conditions; the team of doctors work with our patients for their overall wellness to keep their heart healthy.

Non-invasive Cardiology

The Non-invasive Cardiac Laboratory is run by senior cardiologists who are dedicated to the work in the field. The procedures done here include stress echoes, dobutamine stress echoes, vascular dopplers, trans-oesophageal echoes, intra-operative TEE and fetal echoes.

Our mission is to save every heart. The eminent and dedicated medical professionals provide international standards of care, under one roof- ensuring that comprehensive cardiac care is provided to all.


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